Monday, May 12, 2014

The Hoopster

I recently read a book called The Hoopster by Alan Lawrence Sitomer. This is a story about a boy named Andre who loves basketball and loves to write. He has always wanted to become a professional writer. His best friend, Shawn, thinks he is too caught up in his professional life instead of his social life and he is introduced to a friend named Gwen. Andre is then asked to write an article about racism for his boss. Andre spends two weeks working on the article and ends up finishing on time. The article becomes a big hit and his whole family, friends, and neighbors throw a big surprise party for him. His life seems to being going perfect when he gets brutally attacked by a group of white men. They threaten to do worse things to him and leave him there beaten. He is in the hospital for weeks at a time. When he finally returns home, he will not talk. He ends up finally talking and he has a big speech about his article. Everyone cheers and Andre finally realizes there are good people out there. This book was one of the best I have ever read. It has a lot of intense moments that make you want to keep reading. It gives the reader an idea of what racism is like. You will never stop reading when you are going down the road of Andre's struggles and great times.

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