Monday, February 17, 2014

I recently read the book Football Champ by Tim Green. Troy White is a "football genius," who works for the NFL Atlanta Falcons. He has the extraordinary ability to predict an opposing team's next move. Most people outside of the organization think Troy is a ball boy, but the team, and some of Troy’s friends, knows the truth. Now, thanks to Troy's ability to predict winning plays, the Falcons are winning their games. Troy loves his role behind the scenes and the thrill of having the Falcon’s star linebacker Seth Halloway (who's dating Troy's mom) to coach his own Duluth Tigers team as they fight their way to a state championship. Then Troy's perfect world comes crashing down. Reporter Brent Peele, who has an old grudge with Seth because he blames Seth for ruining his own football career, is out to make the Falcon’s look really bad, and that means going after Troy and Seth. After Peele writes his story about the Falcon’s cheating, the NFL starts to think the Falcons are stealing plays from the other team because it seems like they know every play. Also, with the help of a corrupt doctor, Peele starts to make up rumors about Seth and steroids. The vicious media storm that descends on the football genius threatens not only his job with the Falcons and the Tigers' run at a championship, but his mother's career and Seth's as well. Together with his best friends, loyal Nathan and Tate, Troy sets out to unmask the dishonest Peele and save Seth's reputation no matter what the risk. Troy and his friends risk everything to succeed in both their quest for the truth and drive to win their championship. I loved this book because it’s a thriller with suspense and mystery. This book was a dramatic yet sporty book at the same time. I loved the tension coupled with the excitement and thrill of big football plays. It is a very easy read that makes you want to keep reading each page to the end without putting it down. It’s another great story from Tim Green.

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