Sunday, November 24, 2013

I read a book titled TRUE LEGEND, written by Mike Lupica. It is a story about Drew “True” Robinson, a 16 year old basketball star. Basketball is his life. Only a junior in high school, he is already being compared to pros. After getting exposure on national TV, his mom Darlene is approached by Seth Gilbert, a rich businessman who wants to become Drew’s manager and life coach. Gilbert offers Darlene a good-paying job in California, and makes arrangements for them to move to the west coast, which gives Drew the opportunity to play for a private high school with a top-notch basketball program. At his new school, Drew continues to gain recognition by excelling on the basketball court, where he gives his all. Because of his reputation as a star, along with his ability to use people, Drew does as little as possible to get by and he uses some of his teachers to get good grades. Before long, Drew buys into his own stardom, and suddenly trouble has a way of finding him. He uses his best friend Lee to get him out of trouble and Mr. Gilbert continues to pamper him. He is quickly spiraling out of control, until he meets the “basketball ghost”, a washed-up former playground legend. When he gets a research assignment that he must do well on or else he gets cut from the basketball team, he decides to do it on the older player, who himself years before, lost all focus in high school, and never even graduated. Along the way, Drew learns lessons about friendship, loyalty, teamwork, sacrifice, second chances and the value of an education. TRUE LEGEND is an entertaining, enlightening and inspiring story about the pressures that athletes encounter when pursuing their future in life. The importance of strength of character, friendship and learning what it truly means to be a team player are important lessons in this story. This book is a fantastic read with tons of great basketball action.

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