Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Football Genius - A Great Book

I recently read a book called Football Genius, written by Tim Green. This book is about a 12 year old boy, named Troy White, who plays football with his best friends, Tate and Nathan. Troy is the only child raised by his single mother, Tessa, and they live in a small box house in Atlanta Georgia. Troy’s father left before he was born, and this causes constant anguish for Troy throughout the story. Troy and his mom only have each other to rely on and this strong mother/son bond is tested as the pressure mounts for both of them. Troy is a very talented football player, but his best talent is his unique way of being able to foretell what is going to happen during a football game, better than any computer analysis. Although Troy has this great gift and is a good kid, frustration and peer pressure cause him to do things out of character. He steals an Atlanta Falcons football from star linebacker Seth Halloway because of a bet with bully, Jamie, the starting quarterback on his youth team, and then he lies about it to his mother. Then Troy’s mom gets a job with the Falcons in the public relations department and she gets field passes to the first game which gives Troy the chance to be on the field. Troy’s intuitive skills get him into trouble with the rugged defensive coordinator, Coach Krock, and Tessa’s boss, Cecilia Fetters, when he tries to tell the coach what the opponents are going to do. In the process of trying to help the Falcons, and prove he is a “football genius”, he gets his mother fired. Even though Tessa gets her job back, the situation between Troy and his mom gets worse. His only hope is to somehow get Seth Halloway to believe in his unusual skill so that he can help the Falcons win and get his mother to trust him again. Throughout the rest of the story Troy, with the help of Tate and Nathan, convinces Halloway and his mom to give him the chance to make things right. His unique ability to predict the next play eventually helps the Falcons start winning their games, and it heals the pain between Troy and his mother. It also teaches Troy lessons about telling the truth and loyalty, but most importantly Troy learned that if something is truly important to him, he should never give up. This is an exciting story that combines peer pressure, family struggles, strong friendship, and a lot of football action. This book has it all, a combination of humor, heart and heroes. Football fans and non-football fans alike will enjoy this winning story.

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