Thursday, October 31, 2013

Baseball Great - A book for all

I recently read a book called Baseball Great written by Tim Green. It is about twelve-year-old Josh LeBlanc, a very talented baseball player. All Josh wants to do is play baseball and live the life of a normal middle school boy. When Josh's father, a minor-league baseball player, is cut from his team, he gets a job with an under-14 championship traveling team, and forces Josh into joining. Despite grueling practices and some hazing from his teammates, Josh is beginning to fit in. But then he is offered steroids by one of his teammates, steroids that the other players use, and that presumably come from his intense and strict coach, who is now his father's employer. Josh has to stop the coach from hurting his teammates. With the help of his friend Jaden, a school newspaper reporter, they take a photograph of the coach receiving steroids behind a hospital. When the picture shows Jaden’s dad handing a bag of drugs to the coach, the pressure of doing the right thing wraps itself around both Josh and Jaden. If they go to the police, Josh’s dad will lose his job and Jaden’s dad will go to prison, but if the remain quiet, many kids will be continually exposed to the horrific steroids. When they devise a scheme to try to get the coach to stop handing out the drug, they unleash the fury of a man who will do anything to keep them from exposing his secret. The book was great. The topics are perfect for both students and their parents, as this twelve-year-old boy and his family deal with financial difficulties, bullying, peer pressure and illegal steroid use. This exciting sports thriller is action-packed. Tim Green covers many issues that just about every reader can relate to. The complicated father/son relationship, the challenges and demands of youth sports, friendship and crushes, and steroid use take the reader on a roller coaster of emotions . Many people would like this book because it has drama, sports, romance, and other great features.

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